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Welcome to the IBumpit Community, home for Independent artists worldwide!

Welcome to a world where independent music and social media have collided creating a community of people who love music and independent artists worldwide who passionately create it. Finally independent artists have the freedom, FULL CONTROL and all the tools to effectively network, market/promote your brand. We've crated an industry first platform that allows artist and musicians to combine all their marketing/promotional resources on to one platform at an incredible value to the artist, not our company. The average independent artist is generally working a job to support their passion, we at Goldhammer Entertainment realize this and have delivered with flying colors!

On, artists are able to sell their product from their Personal Music Store on their personal profile page or from the IBumpit Record Store and earn .65USD per track, paid promptly from the 1st-5th of every month. Based on their package selection, artists can upload upto 10 videos (MP4), 100 photos, post on your social media feed, upload your social media links (Facebook, Instagram etc..), Stream live performances and features from their YouTube channel, Site Analytics (track who's purchasing/voting, listening to your music in addition to page view statistics) create a playlist with music from your favorite artists, private message, add friends, create and manage groups and a "Support My Music" feature which allows the artists fans and other supporters to donate money to help continue their journey in the music industry. All music is automatically submitted to the voting section to compete with artists in a genre in addition to IBumpit Radio for users to stream while at work, in their car or working out. Artists have the ability to upload and manage their live performances from their dashboard and receive 100% profits! Posted advertisements for these performances appear publicly as well as on artists personal profile for maximum exposure.They also have the ability to upload a link and sell tickets direct to the public. 

Producers and Beat Makers: 
Create a Producer Pro account and sell your product direct to artists on IBumpit. You enjoy all of the features and benefits as artists on IBumpit, go click on an get started. We believe you can be very successful if you bring you "A" game to IBumpit. 

Music fans you want new music, well you are in for a treat! Create a Backstage membership, its free! You'll not only have access to the hottest independent artists and their latest music. You can create groups, add friends, private message, stream live from YouTube and more! Backstage members also play an intricate part in the success of artists on IBumpit. We encourage you to vote as often as possible because the votes control the charts on IBumpit. When you vote for any artist on the site, it helps them climb the charts and makes you eligible to win cool prizes like Supreme Gear, Collectable Sneakers, XBOX, PLAYSTATION and much more!!!!!

We're very excited and can't wait to see you on

Welcome to the IBumpit Community! 
Goldhammer Team

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Don’t cheat yourself no longer, treat yourself!! Bring your real supporters with you on #ibumpit..


IBUMPIT Home Of Indie Music

About Us

Observing the independent artists struggle and at times them being "preyed" upon by the opportunistic within the music industry, the Gold hammer team set out to create a platform where independent artists had all the tools at their fingertips to showcase themselves to excited music fans, hungry for what's new, what's hot and who's making it!

Our offering, after many years of due diligence and the blessing of assembling an incredible team, we've created the worlds first online music community designed specifically for independent artists and those people who want new music and have no where to find it. We present


Join the IBumpit Community, get up close and personal with artists and others worldwide by becoming a Back Stage member where you can create a profile, private message, create playlists, add friends/send requests, create and join groups, share your social media links, post/comment from your page and stream live from your YouTube Channel. 

Enjoy uninterrupted music on IBumpit Radio if you're at work, chilling with friends, working out or streaming in the car, simply click the genres of music you love and press GO. 

Perhaps the most exciting reason to be a Back Stage member is voting in your favorite genres of music.The charts are controlled by the number of "Thumbs Up" and "Thumbs Down" votes you give the artists, putting you in control of their destiny. The top voter for each month WIN CASH AND PRIZES such as collectable sneakers, electronic devices, designer apparel and Prepaid VISA gift cards. We guarantee you won't be able to stop, its addicting! 


Never before have you had full control and all the tools needed to shine like never before in one place! As a Premium and Ultimate Pro member of the community you create a profile, personal music store, track your music sales and profits, site analytics, manage show dates and ticket sales, add friends/fans, get followers, post pics and videos, create/join groups, share your social media links, post, comment and much more.......

A Producer Pro membership presents a Taylor made opportunity to use the ibumpit network of artists/musicians to showcase and ultimately sell your beats/instrumentals. 

The Gold hammer team is looking forward to a very bright future as we're only getting started and have many more exciting features/benefits upcoming on in addition to new products on the horizon.

This is the One Stop Shop,The Community for Indie Music Worldwide!

We thank you for visiting with us!

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DJ BME decided to do a MoneyBagg Yo vs Money Man music battle for their fans/supporters! Who you got?! All bangers on this battle, if you want to hear this exclusive full length then get your subscribe on..

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