Monday, March 30, 2020


Ghana born, Nana Kofi, is creating a sound that is undeniable. Now based in Atlanta, the artist and producer is taking from his experiences to create the type of music his listeners are sure to love. “From pain, love, heartbreaks and learning experiences, I’m able to express that through my music, ” he explains and the evidence is all in his work. Kofi Skills path with music began at just nine years old as the pianist for his church. From there, he began to play around with production at just eleven years old, where he would sneak and play around on programs on his father’s computer. Once he realized he had a story to tell, Nana Kofi began to add words behind his own production and shared the songs on Soundcloud. Now, the young artist is pushing his sound beyond the internet and is currently pushing his newest single titled “Deserve it, ft Derez Deshon”. Video and single is available on all platform. Already working with major artists like Lil Baby, Derez Deshon, Kollision and Don Q, Nana Kofi is focused on becoming a better artist and perfecting his craft in the years to come. The new mastering engine is here. Get that crystal clear & airy sound for your tracks.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Owen River- Astronaut

DJ BME wanted to show what his ear for music be like on different levels, from various artists on this mixtape..Whatever your mood its something that should make you get into the vibe! This is an exclusive single on NBS MOVEMENT MIXTAPE VOL.1 from Owen River named "Astronaut" turn it up and support indie artists! promoly

Bleepy Baby- Callin My Spirit (Cover Song)

BLEEPY BABY stepped thru with his version of "Callin My Spirit" tune in and hear the pain x survival thru the lyrics..Plenty more on the way we promoting this from ground up! #LousianaIndieArtistOnTheRise #TilWeDieENT #BMEPartner

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