Wednesday, February 13, 2019

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Monday, February 11, 2019

Tongue- Flying On Hater (Single)

Check out single from Charlotte Nc artist Tongue named "Flying On Hater" help support indie artists!

Nia Rene- Caught Up (Single)

17 year old Nia Rene is a new singer/songwriter. She was born in San Bernardino, California in 2001 and moved to Victorville, California when she was 5. One Sunday morning during church service she and her grandmother watched as the children of the Christmas program all developed stage fright. Nia Rene recognized early on that the show must go on. She stepped up to the mic and sang each song loud and clear that the older children had been practicing for weeks. For that she received a standing ovation! It wasn’t until she was 13 that her uncle, singer/producer Teflon Vest, took her into the studio for the first time. From that time on he has been taking her into the studio and watching her grow and develop into the talented singer and songwriter that she is today. Just last year Atlantic Records recognized her talent when they had her come in for an audition. She impressed everyone to the point where the A&R Director had to come out of his office to see who was singing. They were so impressed that they invited her to stay an extra day to write and record with one of their talented producers. Nia Rene is now ready for the world. She brings you "Caught Up", a sexy, sultry song sure to get even the wallflowers off the wall. For more info contact: Management Charles Reed @R.E.L.M Entertainment Group Ph: 760-912-2945 e-mail: or Label

SR. Gent- Soaring Prod. by Sean Ross

“I believe that there are many ways to get things done, but insist on doing it the right way” With such a positive and professional mindset, Lester Rodell Smith Jr. AKA SR.Gent set out to develop an outstanding reputation for himself, on a quest to redefine the way the music industry works. His mission is to support and empower indie artists, allowing them to seize opportunities and gain knowledge to enhance their careers. Lester is originally from Tucson, AZ, but also lived in Atlanta, before joining the army in 2007. Following two tours in Afghanistan, he was medically retired in 2014 later moving to Orlando, Florida, where he currently resides. As an entrepreneur, artist and songwriter, he is inspired by artists the likes of Tupac Shakur, Michael Jackson and Lyfe Jennings to create a powerful direct and edgy sounds, echoing the golden age of music. His music is all about insightful lyrics, dense beats and great melodies, which truly resonate with the audience. Besides working as a recording artist, known under the stage name of SR.Gent, he is also the owner of LTP INC, an independent record label. SR.Gent is the proud and committed father of Lhyric Rylee Smith, but he also focuses on his music career with a lot of dedication and undying passion. In 2017, he graduated from the prestigious Berklee College of Music. His debut album, a thought-provoking release titled “Canorous Camisado” is an example of the artist’s incredible versatility and utmost flexibility, breaking all the conventions and incorporating many different influences. Currently, Lester manages his record label LTP INC as a primary professional focus. In addition to being signed to his own label, he has 5 label mates on the label, CashOnAble, Gutta Terantino, DTrick Tha Bandit, Stefanello, and Britt. Get familiar with the LTP family at

Tune in to SR. Gent music and catch the vibe!! #SupportIndieMusic

Willie Racks- Nobody Cares Video

Willie Racks described this single as inspirational and Motivational, showing great things can always come out of negative situations!!!!!

Born and raised in Brooklyn Bedstuy. raised by my grandmother and aunts do to the tragic death of my mother at the age of 11. got kicked out of school at the age of 16 , rather be in the streets than my books. shortly after relationship with my grandmother got bad and got put out because we couldnt see eye to eye . during these time poetry was my outlet . I was good with words and creating metaphors it gradually turned into raps . everytime I would hear a beat words would pop up in my head it became obssessive coudn't control it . Now ive develop my own sound and flow to where I standout more than others . All this is a mix of the man that is here today!


Friday, February 8, 2019


Listen to "DJ BME MUSIK MIX SHOW EP.145" on Spreaker.

DJ BME went in with some new and throwbacks! Tune in, follow, and enjoy the show..DJ BME just beginning, artists, businesses, labels etc get you an interview reach out for inquiries

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