Thursday, June 14, 2018

Singer Cameron Hailey is about his Business!

Singer Cameron Hailey speaks us about his music career.  Find out all about him in this quick, but insightful one on one interview here on Business Minded.

How is the music business going for Cameron Hailey in 2018?
Cameron Hailey:  Well first things first, I wanna say thanks for having me today. The music business in 2018 for Cameron Hailey has been going good so far even though honestly it’s not the best industry to be in but if music is your passion you’re willing to put up with the B.S..

What is your favorite part of the music business?
Cameron Hailey:  The Creative freedom of making the music you love and being able to touch lots of different around the world with your story.    

What's your least favorite part of the business?
Cameron Hailey:  Dealing with people that like to steal from you, and also meeting phony & stealing ass managers like my Ex-Manager ”Domo Dolla AKA Dominique Lewis. I bet you can catch him on Instagram @Domo_dollas or On Facebook as “Dominique Lewis” still scamming other artists out their money, by selling you fake dreams of things that will never become reality because he’s just a Straight liar and he anything he promises is Completely BS! But yeah anyways back to my answer, the worst part of the music business is definitely dealing with faking business men or women. 

Are you doing paid shows and gigs right now?
Cameron Hailey:  As a matter a fact I am. If anyone wants me for bookings or serious inquiries definitely contact my email

What are some of the ways you monetize your talents and capitalize off your brand?  
Cameron Hailey:  Just by staying true to myself musically and always giving every performance I do as if it were my last. 

Do you have any merch for sale right now, and if so, where can fans and viewers purchase your merchandise?  
Cameron Hailey:  Well I don’t have any merchandise for sale at the moment but I definitely got some new stuff coming out really soon. As well as my current single “1 call feat. Oshea” is available every where so if you haven’t checked it out you definitely need to ASAP.

As far as the music business, what is your next step in the business?  What's next for you?
Cameron Hailey:  Well the next step is to release my two new upcoming singles “High Life” and “Come Thru" feat. Oshea both coming this summer.  Also I will be released the music videos for both singles as well. And lastly to release my new album “LoveChild” coming out soon.

If you have any content, music, etc. for sell, where can they purchase it?  Hit us with the links.
Cameron Hailey:  Yes my current single “1 call feat. Oshea” is available everywhere. Also my mixtape “BASED ON A TRUE STORY” can be streamed on SoundCloud for free. I also have 2 new singles coming this summer “High Life” and “Come Thru feat. Oshea” will be released everywhere available for purchase as well as streaming. Also follow me on Instagram @cameronhaileyy and Facebook at Cameron Hailey Lockhart. All updates can be found there. 

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