Sunday, February 25, 2018

Philonius Phunk is about his BUSINESS and a MAN ON A MISSION

The super producer / composer Philonius Phunk is about his business and he is certainly a MAN ON A MISSION, and this is why we have him spotlighted here in our BUSINESS MINDED WEBSITE!
Check out the latest single produced by the mega beat maker which features the vocals from rap recording artists Birdy, Kenny B. Showetime, D-Hud and A-Game!  Each one of these gentlemen pump out amazing verses and prove that they are in fact men on a mission!  

Listen to the song at the direct link below....

Take a break from the Business to have "GAME NIGHT"

When it comes to Business, the Business Minded Website is not only dedicated to shining a spotlight on entrepreneurs and their profitable business ventures, but this site was also created to avail valuable information to business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs on how to chart their path to a successful business.  An important piece of information and tip we would like to share with you readers today is that it's very important to take breaks.

In between working hard and completing tasks that move you forward to your success within your industry, it's crucial that you take time for yourself, relax, and carve out moments for leisure.  Many studies support this.  One way to kick back and relax is with friends, and what better way to spend time with friends while enjoying their company is by setting aside a "Game Night".

During the Game Night, you and your company could indulge in multi-player board games, trivia, and more to ease tension from working hard and to refresh you for the upcoming tasks ahead.  The nerdcore rap super group S.P.F. (Symphonic Pheenix Force) knows the importance of enjoying your friends while entertaining them for "Game Night" so much that they have even created a song based on the concept of having a game night.

You may listen to the song at the direct link below

How do you enjoy your leisure time?
What do you do for a game night?
Who are some of the people you invite to your game night?
Do you have any interesting stories surrounding a game night with friends?  
Post your answers below and get the discussion going.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

T-Money is About His Business

Rapper T-Money is about his business, that's why we have him spotlighted here in the BUSINESS MINDED WEBSITE.

Follow T-Money on Social Media at the links below.

Facebook: Tim Hendrix
Instagram: tmoney863
Soundcloud: $$ T-Money $$
YouTube: T-Money
Datpiff: $$ T-Money $$ mixtape name Bringin Back Real


New Video: "Tunnel Vision" by Jay Pill

Listen to the new video from rising rap artist JAY PILL titled "Tunnel Vision"! If you would like more information on Jay Pill then e-mail Dawn at

Richie B. Unruly is About his Business

Bio: Retracing Steps. A term not many think of but use without realizing it. Rumeale, also known by monikers Richie B Unruly and Gyn Rummy brings a sound enveloping listeners with a nostalgic feeling meant to help anyone look at how far they've come on their journey into manhood, understanding the mentality of what it's like to feel alone and grow, learning how to show and receive love and finding who you are.

The journey continues on #TheRoadToCOA  
Below are the standard music outlets for your pc and phone.
Retracing Steps: The Prologue
Retracing Steps: The Transition
Retracing Steps: The Heart 
Retracing Steps: The Finale 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Laughter In Time of Crisis

It is not a secret that the crisis in the once most stable democracy in South America, Venezuela, has deepened even further in the past two years. Venezuelans have little to celebrate given the high inflation, scarcity of goods, and rampant crime. Movies have always been a way to escape crisis in the past. Hollywood itself made efforts to provide abundant films during World War I and II to give Americans a break from the bad news.  Comedy, specifically, has been crucial in such relief process hence the many classics from Chaplin, the Keystone Cops, The Three Stooges, and many others who kept Americans laughing while the wars were going on. The same formula seems to be working with Venezuelans. Last year three Venezuelan comedies (“Papita, Mani y Toston,” “Solteras Indisponibles,” and “El Peor Hombre del Mundo”) top the Venezuelan box office above any other Venezuelan film that wasn’t about comedy. Looking to ride that wave, producers Augusto Nitti and Thomas Piedra just finished shooting “El Tercer Deseo” (The Third Wish), a light comedy about a middle aged salesman (Cesar Bencid) who, after a bad day at work, stumps into a teapot awakening it's magic powers and getting in the most hilarious situations. The cast is formed by Piedra and Nitti alongside Carlos Antonio León (“Ann” “Shadowland”), Maria Antonieta Duque, Martha Estrada, Alejandro Rivas and Erick Ronso among others. The genre posed a challenge for many including director Javier Mujica (“The 86”) an accomplished filmmaker whose forte lays on thrillers and action films but rarely in comedy yet was able to direct the actors into the funniest non-cliché situations. “We were trying our best not to fall for the cheap laugh but rather the smart one…we wanted it to be organic, fresh, natural without manufacturing the ‘fun’ too much. Mujica was crucial to accomplish that; he was spending a lot of time with all actors to make sure our dialogues and expressions were simpler yet funny with the right punch”—says León who plays “the boss.” The movie will likely come out in Venezuelan theatres by the end of the year.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Florida rapper JANE DOH is about her BUSINESS

Rising Florida hip hop recording artist JANE DOH is certainly about her business!  The energetic, emerging artist has been featured on many prestigious websites and blogs from 50 Cent's ThisIs50, Waka Flocka's Supastars Online Magazine, Blacktopia, the Women of P.O.W.E.R. blog and everything in between.

Get more updates and information on the beloved Southeast stationed lyricist at her official blog

Internet Personality KENDRA DEE is taking her brand to the NEXT LEVEL

Internet Personality, plug sized model and vlogger Kendra Dee is taking her brand to the next level!  Kendra Dee officially launched her Youtube station Journey to Eden at the beginning of 2018 and the buzz has been growing strong!  Journey to Eden is a interactive online video journal / web show that chronicles and documents the rising star's climb to success in the Entertainment world, as well as her spiritual, weight loss and personal journey among other topics.

Although the magnificent Kendra Dee is the focal point and star of the show, Kendra using the platform to inspire others reach their true calling, and higher selves through her own rise.  Check out the official channel on youtube at the direct link below.

Also check out more Kendra Dee at her official promo blog at

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Check out the debut release of Neo-Jazz newcomer Miles

Check out the debut release of Neo-Jazz newcomer Miles Anthony Avery. Brought to you by Soulairium and Miles Anthony Avery Recordings.
Available now via the following digital outlets:
Google Play

For more information:


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