Thursday, December 27, 2018

BIG BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: Kemetic Fitness and Wellness

Today's Business Minded Business Spotlight is on Kemetic Fitness and Wellness!  

Kemetic Fitness and Wellness' mission is to empower clients to create and maintain healthy life patterns to support self-reliance, stronger families, and strengthen success of community involvement.

(Basu Lauren the founder of Kemetic Fitness and Wellness)

Here is a list of some of the services Kemetic Fitness and Wellness provides.

Kemetic Yoga-a journey of mindfulness and balancing of 
the  mind-body-spirit. 

Kemetic Reiki:  Energy work that supports clients in restoring balance to the body's energetic centers, 

Vibrational Sound Therapy:  A relaxation service that activates the parasympathetic nervous system which may stimulate pain relief, stress relief, and the ultimate relaxation experience. 

Yoni (Vaginal) Steaming:  A therapy treatment for women to cleanse and stimulate well-being to the womb through steam herbal infusion. 

Detox Therapy:  21-day plan that helps to promote well-being in ones' mind-body-spirit. 

Products:  Herbal pads, smudge sticks

KEMETIC FITNESS AND WELLNESS also offers detox therapy, yoga, and vibrational sound therapy via online!  Ask about it by e-mailing

Get more updates and information on Kemetic Fitness and Wellness by visiting

Monday, December 24, 2018

#nowplaying: djbme - Back To The Trap Vol.1 [Mixtape] | @offtheave #offtheave

#nowplaying: djbme - Back To The Trap Vol.1 [Mixtape] | @offtheave #offtheave

Check out this new mixtape by Dj BME Back To The Trap Vol.1..spread out everywhere!

Dj BME back with a scorching mixtape for his supporters/fans since it been a minute..Dj BME had been holding the project back but felt it was the perfect time to drop it! Tune in and enjoy the mixtape also spread it to others.

Blog site:

Music Mix Show:

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Da Mind "No Drama" MUSIC VIDEO

Watch the music video from Da Mind "No Drama" and post your comments below.  Get more updates on Da Mind by visiting his official promo blog at

Saturday, November 10, 2018

DJ BME speaks HIGHLY of RIAH MICHELLE's "It Doesn't Really Matter"

The Founder of the Business Minded Entertainment and Movement DJ BME had great things to say about Riah Michelle's newest single and video "It Doesn't Really Matter" produced by Mr. Boom Boom Bang!  This is what he had to say....

It’s a nice mellow track, that has a sense to reach couples and marriages in the long run #IssaSpinner - DJ BME

Indeed Indeed!!

Watch Riah Michelle's music video "It Doesn't Really Matter" here below....

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Monday, October 1, 2018


Today's big business spotlight is on Renewed Inspiration.  Renewed Inspiration is an organization designed to assist at risk teenage girls through mentoring programs, positive / goal setting work shops, community service and providing self esteem building activities.  

Renewed Inspiration doesn't just limit their care and assistance to young girls, but the foundation also does many things in the community and hold charity functions to raise money and donate resources to families in need.

Earlier this year the organization held a Back To School Supply Drive and Giveaway, and donated thousands of book bags, clothes and school supplies to children in the West Charlotte neighborhood.  

Watch the video of the 2018 Back To School Giveaway held in West Charlotte.

Get more information on The Renewed Inspiration Organization at

Klarissa Byers the founder of Renewed Inspiration

The founder of Renewed Inspiration Klarissa Byers will be a guest on the prestigious Blacktopia Round Table Talk Radio on Oct. 9th at 9:00 PM ET


Thursday, July 12, 2018


Big Woo Radio is certainly all about their business, and that's why the rising live stream and one of the main radio sources for entertainment, sports news, music, and more is being featured here on the Business Minded Website!

Check out the website at

Also check out many of the amazing programs featured on BIG WOO RADIO.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Venting for Release by Melinda "Phoenix Flames" Smith

Read the latest book from author Melinda "Phoenix Flames" Smith titled Venting For Release, a connection of poets and "expressions of a sleepless mind".  Melinda wrote poetry as a way to "vent", let it all out and escape from reality during a dark period in her life and this book contains the poetry she wrote during that time.  The book is available at the direct link below

Friday, June 15, 2018

VIDEO SPOTLIGHT: C.U.J.O. the HellHusky "Baba Yaga"

Watch the new music video / short horror film from Blazed Up Records artist / voice actor C.U.J.O. the HellHusky titled "Baba Yaga" featuring Scotty Beamin'.  Watch the video at the embedded youtube link above. 

Get more updates on C.U.J.O. the HellHusky at his official promo blog at

Thursday, June 14, 2018

The short film TWERK is coming JUNE 15th!

The short film by GEECHEE ONE titled TWERK will be available on AMAZON June 15th!  Also go to

Singer Cameron Hailey is about his Business!

Singer Cameron Hailey speaks us about his music career.  Find out all about him in this quick, but insightful one on one interview here on Business Minded.

How is the music business going for Cameron Hailey in 2018?
Cameron Hailey:  Well first things first, I wanna say thanks for having me today. The music business in 2018 for Cameron Hailey has been going good so far even though honestly it’s not the best industry to be in but if music is your passion you’re willing to put up with the B.S..

What is your favorite part of the music business?
Cameron Hailey:  The Creative freedom of making the music you love and being able to touch lots of different around the world with your story.    

What's your least favorite part of the business?
Cameron Hailey:  Dealing with people that like to steal from you, and also meeting phony & stealing ass managers like my Ex-Manager ”Domo Dolla AKA Dominique Lewis. I bet you can catch him on Instagram @Domo_dollas or On Facebook as “Dominique Lewis” still scamming other artists out their money, by selling you fake dreams of things that will never become reality because he’s just a Straight liar and he anything he promises is Completely BS! But yeah anyways back to my answer, the worst part of the music business is definitely dealing with faking business men or women. 

Are you doing paid shows and gigs right now?
Cameron Hailey:  As a matter a fact I am. If anyone wants me for bookings or serious inquiries definitely contact my email

What are some of the ways you monetize your talents and capitalize off your brand?  
Cameron Hailey:  Just by staying true to myself musically and always giving every performance I do as if it were my last. 

Do you have any merch for sale right now, and if so, where can fans and viewers purchase your merchandise?  
Cameron Hailey:  Well I don’t have any merchandise for sale at the moment but I definitely got some new stuff coming out really soon. As well as my current single “1 call feat. Oshea” is available every where so if you haven’t checked it out you definitely need to ASAP.

As far as the music business, what is your next step in the business?  What's next for you?
Cameron Hailey:  Well the next step is to release my two new upcoming singles “High Life” and “Come Thru" feat. Oshea both coming this summer.  Also I will be released the music videos for both singles as well. And lastly to release my new album “LoveChild” coming out soon.

If you have any content, music, etc. for sell, where can they purchase it?  Hit us with the links.
Cameron Hailey:  Yes my current single “1 call feat. Oshea” is available everywhere. Also my mixtape “BASED ON A TRUE STORY” can be streamed on SoundCloud for free. I also have 2 new singles coming this summer “High Life” and “Come Thru feat. Oshea” will be released everywhere available for purchase as well as streaming. Also follow me on Instagram @cameronhaileyy and Facebook at Cameron Hailey Lockhart. All updates can be found there. 

Monday, May 28, 2018

Mobbed Up Inc Is Making Major Moves!

Whether by the creator’s design or by forces beyond our comprehension, in each generation there comes along a titan, a prodigy, and a champion. An individual that emits so much strength, so much raw magnetic appeal and energy that can affect everyone and everything around them. This time it is a movement, it is the joining of Gino Gallela’s Mobbed Up Inc... and Ciro Dapagio’s Mob King TV.
The focus and drive of these 2 entrepreneurs’ is unmatched. The 2 are building an empire and setting the bar high for other businesses. The 2 have created line of Olive Oils held to the highest standards imported straight from a farm in Italy. They have a line of quality t-shirts and the Mob King TV series that puts the Sopranos to shame. The movement has been instantly thrust among the elite in their craft. They have caught the eye of the major media with many media outlets writing about them and garnered attention from the likes of Perez Hilton, Real Housewives Of New Jersey.

The duo is super excited and proud of their upcoming August Comedy Charity Fundraiser to benefit first responders. To stay up to date on their movement go to the website:

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Meet the company that’s changing the way fans interact with musicians.

Meet the company that’s changing the way fans interact with musicians.

Meet the company that’s changing the way fans interact with musicians. 

There's been a pretty major shift recently in the ways artists market their music online. Since the rise of social media networks, the artists have turned their attention to building their fan base on rented land, but we're witnessing a massive shift in the way people communicate with one another and the way fans communicate with artists.  Akin to the shift twenty years ago from phone to email, and ten years ago from desktops to mobile, today fans are moving to messaging platforms. This shift creates an enormous opportunity for artists attempting to identify, understand, and engage fans. 

In 2017 social networks started rolling out changes to their algorithms to show more posts from friends on the feeds. This move made it harder for artists and brands to reach their audience without having to pay for boosted posts. This inability to reach the fans is frustrating, to say the least, for artists who have spent significant time and money building their audience on these networks.  And it’s disappointing for fans who expect to be able to stay in contact with their favorite artists.  That’s why the shift to messaging platforms provides such an opportunity. If artists can connect with fans on one-to-one messaging, then their reach with news and messages is not limited.  Fans receive the intended message, which is not the case with a broad social post. Moreover, research shows that fans are more likely to open messages sent via messaging platforms where they are already active than they are to open emails.  Based on reported figures,  Facebook Messenger alone serves more than 1.3 billion monthly users--right around the number of people using Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat combined. But artists don't have an easy way to build their presences on the app. Recently there's been a slew of companies that are building tools for brands to launch their Messenger profile but only one that is focusing on creators. 

Stashimi is the latest company that has unveiled their Artist Messenger platform which helps artists and entertainment brands connect with and monetize their audience on messenger platforms and smart speakers. For the past eight months, Stashimi has been working with artists like G-Eazy, Zedd, Alina Baraz, Andrew WK, Blake Shelton, and their record labels and managers to run tests and optimize their toolsets. “We want to make sure that our platform is powerful enough to create value but simple enough to use for those without a technical background in coding. We also want to be sure it is equally effective for established and emerging artists,” says CMO Kosta Elchev. Earlier this year G-Eazy and Zedd both used Artist Messenger around their music releases to drive people into Spotify and dramatically increased their playlisting and streaming numbers. They’ve both also integrated their Shopify merch store into their Messenger channels which allows users to browse and buy their merch. 

Stashimi has reported that their platform leads to engagement rates from 25-60% on artist content with almost 90% opt-in rates for push-notifications. These metrics compare favorably to current industry-average engagement rates on social networks of less than 1% on non-paid social posts and email click-through rates of 2.85 percent. In a nutshell: if you are an artist, you need far fewer fans connected on Messenger than you would need to have following you on social media or subscribed to an email list, to get the same level of engagement.  In concrete terms, what Stashimi data shows, based on pilots with current artist clients, is that an artist with two million social followers will get more individual click-throughs to content from a push-notification to 20,000 Messenger subscribers than from a non-paid post to two million social followers.  

When this data are combined with the live-show activations Stashimi clients are using to connect with fans at venues, then the power of the tool comes into even more precise focus. 

Engagement is just the beginning. Using the conversational interface provided by messaging platforms, artists can guide fans to transactions -- streams, views, tickets, merch.  Imagine if you're an artist who has 500,000 to 1,000,000 social followers and now you can reliably and effectively reach 60% of them. You could start a movement. And why shouldn't artists you be able to reach all their your fans? They're your fans, you've built that following and nothing should stop you from being able to connect with every single one of them.

Outside of messaging apps, Stashimi is also working with select artists on building the first ever-artist Skills for Alexa (The Echo by Amazon), allowing fans to find relevant news, listen to music, purchase tickets and merch,  or play games with the artist's content. “We believe that voice is the next frontier for artists connecting with their fans. What's more important than the artist's voice? If you're an artist manager or working with any sort of entertainment brand, smart messaging assistants, and voice-activated smart-speaker applications can be a valuable way to connect and communicate with your audience,” commented Stashimi CEO Juergen Kurz. 

For more info check out

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

How G-Eazy increased his streaming numbers and grew his social reach in just 12 months

How G-Eazy increased his streaming numbers and grew his social reach in just 12 months

Rapper G-Eazy and his social team are some of the best social marketers in the industry. They have created a strong brand through his social media accounts. Collectively, across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter he has roughly 7.6 million social followers. In the last 12 months, G-Eazy has grown his social following by roughly 3 million followers. If you look at his feeds, they are filled with premium behind the scenes moments captured by his content team. Although his social following has been increasing his engagement has somewhat stalled out, and he’s not alone.
Major social networks changed their algorithms behind their feeds last year which gives priority to personal friend’s posts over branded pages. Since social networks are built around the feed system, it makes it harder for artists content to be seen, even though they have millions of followers. Now the artist is forced to pay for boosted posts to reach fans they already have. In 2016 Kosta Elchev from Stashimi approached G-Eazy’s management team to discuss how the new platform they built could help in growing the artist’s career.

The service was Artist Messenger, and it focused on using Messaging and Voice platforms as the new untapped marketing channels. Collectively, messaging apps have over 2 billion monthly users, and the Voice market is exponentially growing due to the competitive landscape between Google, Amazon, and Apple. The idea of Artist Messenger was to see if the tool could help increase G-Eazy’s social engagement by taking his existing fans from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and converting them into Messenger subscribers. By turning his fans into subscribers in Messenger, he was able to send direct push-notifications around his important announcements, which allowed him to bypass the tricky social feed algorithms. Since the launch of his Messenger chatbot, G-Eazy’s social engagement has increased from 5.38% to upwards of 30% and has been able to grow his following by millions.

Artists are discovering Artist Messenger is the best tool for them to create a direct line to their fans. Today the only way for you to get in front of your fans is through the social feeds, which are passive and at the end of the day controlled by the networks algorithms. Artist Messenger through Facebook Messenger chatbots gives the artists a way to bypass the social feeds and engage with their fans directly. The platform is built around automatically updating fans by knowing when there’s new social posts, news articles, YouTube uploads, or music releases. The biggest advantage to artists is they have direct access to their fans with push-notifications making it easier for them to get their content seen.
Over the past year, Artist Messenger has been working with some of the biggest major and indie artists to test and perfect the service before they officially launched. As of two weeks ago, any musician can now sign up for the service and start connecting with their fans on Messenger.
Head over to for more info.

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This is a show to help promote new music from indie to major that get sent in to #DJBME or to the indie label Business Minded Entertainment LLC..We also will have interviews and resources on the show as well stay tuned in and enjoy! Also take a look at our site/blog at:


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Listen to "DJ BME Musik Mix Show" on Spreaker.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Ramzy Sweis does many many things!

I am amazed at how many hats Ramzy Sweis wears. He has a long-running successful web series called “Never Repeat A Joke” which started as a screenplay. His first novel appropriately titled “Why We Never Repeat Jokes” on Amazon, immediately got 5 out of 5 stars on every review. His book is a fan favorite and has been called inspiring and thought provoking “Why Do We Never Repeat Jokes” is available on Amazon

He also reviews Hip Hop Music on his Soundcloud
Ramzy is focused and driven with a passion for comedy. His aim is to share his point of view on such topics as life, love, and happiness. Ramzy has overcame adversity to become a fast-rising star in comedy. Rest assured he will be a major player in the entertainment industry for years to come!
Stay up to date with his movement:

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