Monday, August 28, 2017


Everything You Need To Start Your Own Digital Label  <<<<<<< CLICK


At last - here, at your fingertips! The new edition of Everything You Need To Start your Own Digital Label. If you've ever dreamed of operating your own record company - now you can! The rapid acceleration of digital is creating a “gold mine” opportunity for anyone wanting to start his/her own online digital label. In the next five years - there are going to be hundreds of new digital millionaires. Some will be billionaires. A whole new breed of entrepreneurs are making fortunes distributing and selling music all over the world - some are competing with the majors in a way that would have been unthinkable a few short years ago. In the eighties and earlier, putting a record company together would have taken months to set up - assuming you had the capital in the first place. To get started - you would have needed somewhere in the region of $300,000 dollars - for an average office, and salaries to pay for a secretary, a&r personnel, pluggers, promoters, copyright and royalty personnel - overheads to run the office, costs to manufacture, market and promote your product, would have swallowed most of your capital before you got started.

Today, for the price of a reliable computer - you can be up and running your own digital label - and licensing product globally in less than forty eight hours! Interested? Read on! So, what's the big difference between then and now? In a sentence - the explosive power of digital has practically zeroed out overheads. In the eighties, small record companies investing 80,000 dollars on a single would often go out of business if the record didn’t hit the charts. With a digital label, you simply keep or delete product quickly and frequently without the hassle of physical storage. What's more - you can feature new records every day, week or month with reviews, news and updates, and build a huge newsletter and list following - all to suit your business. Setting up a digital label is simplicity itself - but you will need to follow certain guidlines - if you want to be operating efficiently and quickly. Here’s The ebook that will do it for you: Everything You Need To Start Your Own Digital Label. This simple yet powerful guide will have you up and running in a matter of hours, taking you through the whole process of copyright, licensing, distribution, promotion, marketing and so on.

Everything You Need To Start Your Own Digital Label will give you the ability to sell your recordings around the world quickly and effectively, and no wonder when you have the best information at your fingertips, from: Signing product; Copyrighting; Distributing; Promoting; Marketing; Webcasting; Podcasting and much, much more! For a short time, this new issue is available for just $24.99. Order now before it goes up to the recommended price of $49.95 You're not going to get a better opportunity to start a digital label - than right now!

Your order automatically comes with the following FREE bonus gifts: *Free Bonus Gift #1 Get in with industry professionals creating thousands of opportunities for your music. Have your music uploaded for free and matched automatically for opportunities. Save time by going direct and know when your music is received and heard. *Free Bonus Gift #2 Another fabulous opportunity for independent artists and in house production companies to connect your music around the world with leading brands, networks, advertising agencies, film production houses and gaming companies. This is where real artists make real music, and it's all pre-cleared for quick and easy licensing. No hassle, no haggle, no headache! *Free Bonus Gift #3 Super fast way for independent artists to gather all the tools they need quickly for global success, like putting together live webcam performances, social interaction, radio play, fan funding, extensive profiles and much much more! *Free Bonus Gift #4 Get connected with a great agency looking for young performers. Based in the UK this company represents clients in all the traditional areas of the entertainment industry including Television, Film, Theatre, Musical Theatre, Radio and Commercials as well as emerging media platforms. *Free Bonus Gift #5 Free services for bands free artist page free MP3 store: sell your songs as digital downloads unlimited song uploads band approval: within 24 hours after approval: instant approval of songs - private band message board · gig calendar · music charts - lots more more free services· free member page for all music lovers · playlists, blog, photos, videos - connect directly with bands and like-minded people - lots more *Free Bonus Gift #6 Royalty Free Music Articles for Masters of Songwriting Customers. Create, Produce, and Sell Your Music. *Free Bonus Gift #7 Multi-level song writing courses developed by award-winning songwriters, song feedback, mentoring, one-on-one song coaching, co-writing, unscreened pitching opportunities and more. You will find all the tools you need to succeed as a songwriter - all online.

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