Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Symphonic Pheenix Force is making major moves!

The Nerdcore Hip Hop Supergroup Symphonic Pheenix Force (S.P.F.) is making major moves in the underground music scene in the state of Florida, with a slew of new shows lined up in the summer, the groups producer Philonius Phunk having his beats recognized by more listeners and being sought out by more and more rising indie artists, and the newfound publicity the group has been getting especially thanks to their soon to go viral single "About to Start Rapping"!  Get familiar with the group by joining them on social media at the direct links below

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Interview with Filmmaker Hiroki

Tell readers about your background, where are you from?
Was there a particular event or time that you recognized that filmmaking was 
not just a hobby, but that it would be your life and your living?
I wanted to make great films which would give impact for audiences. It was 
because I read novels about Samurai who evolved history of Japan. They 
sacrificed themselves just for making their society better. I thought I could make 
it better, too, and I found that I could make films which would stimulate 
audiences and make them consider about their life. I didn’t have any 
experience about making films at that time, so I started to study acting in 
Japan. I believed that acting was one of the most important parts for films.

What projects are you currently working on?
Is it harder to get started or to keep going? What was the particular thing that 
you had to conquer to do either?
Now I am working on a story about a husband and wife. It is a drama about life 
and identity. They are confronting very harsh situation and have to make a 
choice for each others. I am looking for great actors who can live in the very 
harsh situation. Also I have to research about medication. Otherwise, the story 
cannot be believable. In this film I want to give a question of life to audiences 
and let them think what they will choose for their life.
Acting is reacting. That is my favorite phrase and what I really need for this film. 
I met many actors, but I haven’t found actors who can play the roles yet 
because this story needs very strong emotions.

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to have a life creating 
I want to see their point of views. That will make their films very unique and 
special. Actually it is really hard to make unique films, but it is worthy to create 
own films, no matter how many audiences saw and how many awards they get. 
Even if they could stimulate only one audience, It would be a great film for the 
audience. That is why I want them to create their own film which we have never 

What was the most important lesson you had to learn that has had a positive 
effect on one of your films? How did that lesson happen?
There are many techniques to stimulate actors. In one of my films, I had an 
actor who couldn’t be free from his self conscious. He was very close to the 
role but not close enough to reach the role. I realized that he was thinking 
about his appearance and movement, so I gave him direction that got rid of the 
self conscious from him. It was an exercise which actors use their imagination.
I asked him to imagine that he would behave as an animal or a vegetable. At 
first he couldn’t get rid of the self conscious and reach the role, but finally we 
found the specific material which tempted him to the role. He just follow the 
sensory of the material and behaved as the role organically. Because of the 
technique, I could guide him and see his great acting. 

What type of films do you make? What is your favorite film genre?
What makes a film great for you? Are there certain qualities that make a film 
better for you?
I made actions, comedies, thrillers and dramas. I like all of them; however, In 
any genre I want to see a great reactions because it is the most important part 
of acting for me. Always I put my characters in very harsh situations in order to 
see their choice. And only actor's reaction can make audiences believe the 
situation is real. Because of it, I love to see actor’s reactions in any genre.
What films have been the most inspiring or influential to you and why?
My special film is Star Wars. It was the first film that I saw as a American film in 
the theater. It was so unique and innovative. It changed the standard of Si-Fi 
films. I was just dragged in the story and let me travel in the world. It showed 
the world with very beautiful sets, spaceships, creatures, props and 
supernatural power. All of the aspects were combined together very elegantly. 
Since then I haven’t seen any better Si-Fi. The film taught me that there is a 
potential that film can tempt audiences to anywhere which they have never 
seen before. I want to make films which drags audiences into the stories.

When you get angry at a movie, what sets you off? Are there common qualities 
in cinema today that you dislike? Is there something you try to subvert or avoid 
or rebel against in your work?
I dislike stories which don't show strong and believable motivations of roles. 
They never bring audiences into the story because no one can believe it. 
And another part that I dislike is too much CGI. CGI is a magical tool for film 
making, but if it is used, audiences get bored because we can know it it fake. 
CGI should be used very carefully, so that we do not notice where it is used. 
Sometimes I use CGI, but I try to limit it. In Star Wars, special effects were 
used a lot but not CGI. Film makers created the film with their creativity and 
great efforts. I can feel their body temperature. That is why I prefer old Star 
Wars rather than new one. 

What role have film festivals played in your life so far? Why are they 
necessary? How do you get the most out of them?
I have participated film festivals as a competitor. We need to entry films to 
sharpen our films each others. That makes our films better.

I am a big believer in the importance of social media in many aspects of the 
film process. Are you on social media and do you use it in your work? Why or 
why not?
I use social media to spread information of my films to many people. It will 
make new audiences and give me feed backs from them. 
Also I can know films that others create, so I can be inspired by their works. 

Do filmmakers have any responsibility to culture? Do you feel that being a 
creative person requires that you give back or tell a particular story or not do 
something else? Why or why not?
I am making films in order to make the society better. That is why I don't make 
films which are anti-society or just shocking or violent. We should make 
something which helps audiences who exhausted in their life. I want to 
stimulate audiences with my films. I believe that any genre can do it. Just we 
need strong core which can effects audience’s hearts. 

If there is one or more thing you think would make the film industry better, what 
would it be?
Nowadays, we can see many super hero films, but audiences want to see 
dramas in the films more than CGI. We should make stories which require 
actor’s emotions rather than CGI.

Thank you for your time and to wrap this up tell readers something personal 
about yourself that they can only learn here. Hobbies, favorite food, pet peeve 
I love to ride motorcycle. It is a great tool to practice of relaxation for actors on 
stages and sets. When actors on the sets, they have to be relaxed and focus 
on the situation. In order to do it, they have to control their emotions which are 
fear and self conscious. It is same as riding motorcycles because riders have to 
relaxed, control fear and feel the circumstances, otherwise they get accidents. 
That’s why it is a great exercise for me.

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