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Movie ANN will compete at the 41st Atlanta Film Festival

Movie ANN will compete at the 41st Atlanta Film Festival

After having a very successful first US screening at the Venezuelan Film Festival in New York, experimental film “Ann” is now an Official Selection into the 41st Atlanta Film Festival in which it’ll compete amongst projects from all over the world. The film already opened at the Social Machinery Film Festival and The Euro-Mediterranean Festival both in Italy where its lead actor Carlos Antonio Leon won the Best Protagonist Award. “Ann” has already screened in festivals in Ecuador and Germany.
Directed, written, and produced by Venezuelan Carla Forte (Berlinale Talents 2017), “Ann” illustrates the story of Ruben, a sculptor whose life became meaningless. Looking for a way to scape reality he creates a parallel world called Imagimundo in which he finds solitude but must detach from everything that connects him to the real world. In a way, Ruben is exorcising his own ego. His wife Ann tries to understand him to no avail thus falling into a chaotic situation that separates the lovers. To make matters worse, Ruben creates an entity called Ana Angel that comes to push their relationship into a spiral of madness with terrible consequences. 
“Ann” was shot in only five days with the help of many organizations around the city of Miami. Forte wanted to challenge herself into making a full feature in such a short period of time while rehearsing the actors for 4 months. “It’s like a theatre play” Says actor Carlos Antonio Leon. “In theatre we rehearse for months and months to go live in front of an audience thus you can’t make mistakes. While shooting Ann my friend (actor Jose Manuel Dominguez who plays Ruben) and I felt like we were doing theatre. No second shots, we couldn’t stop the scene once it started, no takes for safety, if a mistake occurred (a dog barked, a light went off, etc.) we integrated it into the scene, we just couldn’t repeat takes!…every scene was shot only once” says Leon. Forte wrote the story some eight years ago while her brother Vicente Forte wrote a series of poems to enhance the story’s twisted philosophy about the self and the ego. Cuban dancer, Alexey Taran, was in charge of choreographing the dances “Ann” performs throughout the film. Dominguez and Leon went through a rigorous diet and exercise routine in order to honor Ruben and Ann’s looks with the upmost honesty. The film screens on Friday March 30th at 9:45 PM. For a Complete line up and schedule please visit: 

Actor Jose Manuel Dominguez plays “Ruben”

Director and Writer, Carla Forte

The birth of Ana Angel

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