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Monday, August 22, 2016

Flyy Drexler "Came From Nothing" (Music Video Review)

Check out the latest music video from rising North Carolina based hip hop recording artist Flyy Drexler.  This single (like media proprietor Tenai Staley of Ill Famed Magazine puts it) is a "certified banger".   The single has been receiving a lot of love and support from DJs, and program directors from Sirius Satellite Stations, and terrestrial FM radio stations across the U.S.  The music video is a soon to be classic as the visuals match perfectly with the rhythm of the song.  The song itself is booming and Flyy Drexler does a fantastic job painting the picture of his surrounding and coming up from nothing.  Although Auto-Tune gets a bad rap, Flyy Drexler using a little bit of it to his advantage and makes it work!  The Audo-Tune certainly doesn't get in the way of the songs greatness, but only builds upon it.  Listen to the entire song for yourself at the embedded youtube video link above.  Get more updates on Flyy Drexler at his official promo blog.

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