Saturday, August 27, 2016

Double R vs Elite - Mac11Murf TV: BARZofDUTY (Video Review)

Check out this very heated freestyle battle between two very talented raw emcees, Double R. & Elite for the Mac11Murf TV: BARZ of Duty Freestyle battle.  Watch the two go head to head spitting slick rhymes, clever metaphors and using their words as weapons to take down the opponent.  Double R. goes first in the competition and goes straight for the jugular while relying on punch lines and slick similes to get his point across.  Elite on the other hand used gory details in his lyrics along with a multiple syllable rhyme scheme and pattern to attack Double R.  As the writer of this review I believe that Double R. won this lyrical fight, although Elite wasn't too far behind in the rap race.  I will agree that both emcees did a great job and both had plenty of jaw dropping lines that left the crowd gasping and in awe.  Watch the video for yourself and you decide!

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