Friday, December 25, 2015

NerveDjs Radio Services

You need radio promo we got you over here...#NerveDjsCoalition


    Editing & Exposure Packages
    Editing & Exposure Packages

    NERVE DJs Radio Promo Price List

    Prices  -  Length

    Basic  $49.95  -     14 Days

    Silver  $89.95  -     30 Days

    Gold  $129.95  -   60 Days

    Platinum $199.95  -    90 Days

    Note: This Subscription DOES NOT Auto-Renew. All Active Artists/Labels will renew their own monthly subscriptions. Exclusive NERVE DJS Radio Pricing Policy Select Your Membership (Basic, Silver, Gold or Platinum). Click Buy Now and You'll be routed to Paypal. If you prefer not to use paypal, you may use the direct Credit Card Link on the Paypal page.  

    Feature Your Music for 30 days on the site, Exclusive MP3 Pool, Music Serviced to over 5000 DJs

    BASIC One track placed in rotation for 14 days on NERVE DJs Radio.

    SILVER One track placed in rotation for 30 days on NERVE DJs Radio.

    GOLD - One track placed in rotation for 60 days on NERVE DJs Radio. Four weeks of Twitter post with download link.

    PLATINUM - One track placed in rotation for 90 days on NERVE DJs Radio. Six weeks of Twitter/Facebook post with download link.

    Track put in rotation on NERVE DJs Streaming radio for 14, 30,60 OR 90 days.

    Conference Call $300 Host/Call-in LIVE Broadcast 

    eBlast to 50K $100

    Bands or musicians who want to submit their music to NERVE DJs Streaming Radio for consideration to be added to our playlists should submit 1 (one) mp3 recording, sign our release for us to play and service your music. Once payment, is in here's what you get:

    * 1 track included in the next month's playlist rotation on the NERVE DJs Radio station

    * Rotation is approximately 3+ spins per day for a least 30, 60 or 90 days depending on the airtime you select.

    * Listed on the NERVE DJs Radio playlist

    * Be heard by thousands of listeners and website visitors in 100+ countries

    * Possible inclusion on some of the NERVE DJs LIVE Broadcast shows & mixtapes. All submissions to NERVE DJs Radio must be uploaded to, we assess an upload editing fee per track to cover our basic costs. We are not asking you to pay to play, it's just that to keep our radio station and Mp3 pool cost down, we need to help defray the costs of formatting, editing and uploading of to the music and pay to our employees.


    #BMELLC #NerveDjs

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