Sunday, August 27, 2017


The 3ciety brand represents the amalgamation of the 3 communities; Designers, Brands & Users coming together in one society... 3ciety! The 3ciety platform aims to build a regional ecosystem for these three communities. The 3ciety marketplace enables individuals to earn profits by creating & selling custom t-shirts, apparels and other merchandise online. The platform is a tool to transform ideas and content into sellable merchandise.

With Zero upfront or recurring costs, 3ciety provides a risk-free opportunity for sellers like groups, clubs, societies and individuals to merchandise without worrying about budgets, order quantity, production or delivery. As the platform empowers monetisation, sellers can generate an additional income for themselves or even use it as an avenue to raise funds for a cause. Driven by our “Express, Engage & Experience” motto, 3ciety aims to empower designers’ expression, build brand engagement and deliver a great fan experience for Malaysia, and soon, across South-East Asia.

The 3ciety marketplace enables users to create & sell custom t-shirts, apparels and other merchandise online.


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