Friday, January 30, 2015

We up next by Jerrod Belcher

It's time to network and grow, this is going towards all indie artists!

It's hard waiting for the majors to find you but if we all network and start some major indie labels and networking movements we can all grow!

I like to thank Mr. Ken Willis for starting the NBS Movement! Which is steady growing and growing! It's free to join this movement which is on Facebook as a group. But we trying to make it bigger than a group we trying to reach every dept of indie music. This is to keep indie artists focus,ready at all times, and keeping something to bring to the table so get use to the NBS Movement....

Vol.1 of the NBS Mixtape is out now here: 

Listen download and share! 
Thanks ahead of time
BME,LLC Ceo Jerrod Belcher
For business inquiries

Stay tuned for vol.1 to be on sale on iTunes and more...oh yeah vol.2 on the way!

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